McPherson College Horizon Fund Grant Awards Entrepreneurial Students

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
April 29, 2016
Grant Barrett (R), Mac College Pres. Michael Schneider

McPherson College maintains a belief that every student is an entrepreneur, and they have a fund to back it up.

The Horizon Fund at McPherson College provides up to $500 cash each year to each student who demonstrates a creative idea and a plan to pursue it. Grant Barrett, a 2015 McPherson High School graduate and now a freshman at the college, was one of the students awarded the grant for the spring semester.

McPherson College's Public relations coordinator Adam Pracht says that encouraging students with this cash grant benefits the college as well as the students and it fits right in with the mindset of a liberal arts education.

“For us at McPherson College, it's a fantastic investment in our students,” explained Pracht. “Apart from the benefit [the students] get, we benefit so much from having these really engaged students with this entrepreneurial mindset. It makes for better, well-rounded, liberal arts students.

“What people don't really get about liberal arts, is that it is the entrepreneurial mindset,” stated Pracht.

“We believe that all students in all majors are entrepreneurs, regardless of their major, regardless of what career they eventually want to go into,” he continued. “And we want to support that.”

The college started the grant in 2010 to help students determine if their ideas might help them discover future careers.

“The Horizon Fund was developed to help students explore and to help them discover their passion, and to find out if this is where they want to go, if this is what they ultimately want to do with their lives,” said Pracht.

“Sometimes the answer is no, and that's great!” he enthused. “And on the other side of that, we have students who were Horizon Fund recipients, and their project is what they do today.”

McPherson College has funded 100s of these grants since the inception of the Horizon Fund in 2010. One of the students awarded this year is college freshman Grant Barrett, who plans to use the grant for a music studio. Barrett is a local McPherson High School graduate who's now majoring in Communications and also playing basketball for the McPherson College Bulldogs.

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