The Traffic Stop: STOP

By MPD Officer Mo Hawkinson
May 04, 2016

The Traffic Stop

Obedience to a Stop Sign (STO #59 & KSA 8-1528 Find the exact wording here:

Loose meaning: Every vehicle (including cyclists) approaching a stop sign must STOP which means ALL movement must cease; the wheels are no longer turning. Your stop should occur at the marked stop line, or where there is no line than before the crosswalk, or at the point nearest the intersection with a view of approaching traffic.

As with most traffic laws a legal stop is a safety issue. We like the image we shared reminding drivers to S.T.O.P. (Stop, Think, Observe, and then Proceed).

STOP: No motion; it’s more than merely slowing to a near stop. 

THINK: Focus on the task of driving –not the time consumed or the destination. 

OBSERVE: Look both directions (left, right, left again) and check your blind spots BEFORE leaving the stop. 

PROCEED: Leave the stop at a reasonable rate of acceleration, while watching for hazards to prevent a crash. 

In McPherson, drivers who fail to stop will be fined $60, plus $75.50 Municipal Court costs. That’s a lot of cash for the additional time a second thought or another glance will cost you!

On most Tuesdays, McPherson KS Police Department addresses a topic dealing with traffic enforcement in the City of McPherson. The “Traffic Stop” is organized by the Traffic Section of Patrol Bureau. We need suggestions for more topics to address! Call us if ANY question requires an immediate answer on our non-emergency line: (620)245-1200.#SafeSTOPS