Great Turnout for McPherson College Annual Car Show

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
May 04, 2016

Last weekend might have been cloudy and rainy, but that didn't stop a great turnout from showing up at the 17th Annual Club Car Show at the McPherson College. About a thousand people attended this year's Car Show event which included about 275 entries of classic vehicles. 

The College Automotive Restoration Students, or C.A.R.S. Club, is an organization led by the students enrolled in the Automotive Restoration program at McPherson College and is open to any college student interested in antique and collector cars, no matter their college major.

The annual Car Show hosted by McPherson College C.A.R.S. Club students is a free event for the public that takes place every spring and attracts participants to the local area from all over the country. 

McPherson College is the only college in the country that offers a four-year bachelor's degree in automotive restoration, a program that was established at the college 40 years ago. 

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