Shop McPherson's Main Event!

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
May 05, 2016

Tonight is the monthly Main Event for downtown McPherson when several Main Street businesses will be open until 7:00 or later. Local residents are encouraged to take advantage of the later hours to get some of their shopping done while simultaneously supporting the local economy by patronizing local small businesses.

McPherson Main Street isn't just the name of a street in McPherson, but also the name of the non-profit organization run by volunteers dedicated to promoting and revitalizing McPherson's downtown. McPherson Main Street created the Main Event for the first Thursday of every month to give locals more opportunity to shop on McPherson's Main Street and also to raise awareness of what is available right here in downtown McPherson.

The Main Street program is supported through membership investment; grants; and the city of McPherson.

For more information about The Main Event or to find out how to become a member, contact the McPherson Main Street organization at 620-241-7430.