McPherson Hospital Plans New Building for Clinicians

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers with Cyril Russell, McPherson Hospital
May 06, 2016

The McPherson Hospital will be adding a new addition to the hospital grounds.

The McPherson Hospital and Healthcare Foundation boards have decided to build a separate medical office building to house the proposed physician clinics. The site for the new building will be west of the south annex, next to the main hospital parking lot.

This new building is replacing the original phase 1 of the plan for creating space for the physician clinics on the existing second floor of the McPherson Hospital.

According to McPherson Hospital CEO Rob Monical, this new construction will double the amount of clinical space compared to the original plan with minimal added cost to the overall project.

Continue reading for the entire press release from Cyril Russell, Director of Marketing with the McPherson Hospital.


PRESS RELEASE: The boards of McPherson Hospital and the McPherson Healthcare Foundation announce a new direction in the plans to renovate the hospital’s second floor to accommodate physician clinics.

In 2014, a multi-phase plan was announced to create physician clinic space, upgrade the infrastructure of the physical plant, reconfigure ancillary service spaces to create greater efficiencies, improve convenience for patients and generally improve operations.

In Phase 1 of the project, the plan was to remodel the second floor of the hospital facility and create space for up to seven providers. Staffing has increased due to the placement of new providers and hospital officials anticipate the addition of more physicians. It has become evident that the second floor of the hospital will not be large enough to adequately accommodate the vision for physicians and other providers both in the near and distant future.

In consultation with Health Facilities Group of Wichita and Hutton Construction with an office in McPherson, the associated boards have made a decision to pursue a separate medical office building on the hospital grounds to house the proposed physician clinics. The selected site is west of the current south annex building adjacent to the main hospital parking lot.

Officials cite several advantages to this new initiative. McPherson Hospital CEO Rob Monical said, “With new construction, we can double the amount of space originally planned with minimal added cost to the project. A new space will allow for future growth whereas renovating the existing space would be limiting in the future. Additionally, a separate facility will eliminate disruption to current inpatients on the second and third floors during the construction phase.” Monical added, “A separate facility will also allow our visiting specialty physician clinics to remain in their current location.”

Preliminary architectural plans have been developed and are being reviewed by hospital officials and departments. “While the overall vision of providing a larger, comprehensive physician space has remained the same in this initial phase, the final product will be better for our patients and physicians now and in the future,” Monical said. “On behalf of the boards, I want to thank our community for their continued support as we work toward creating the best health care possible in our community.”