McPherson City Commissioners Meet Monday

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
May 08, 2016

City commissioners meet Monday morning for their regular weekly session.

Mayor Tom Brown will be making a proclamation for Public Service Week and BPU General Manager Tim Maier will present BPU’s general report. It’s also time for Lead Building Inspector Bill Athey’s monthly report.

Also on the agenda is the J & M Leasing Dead Release Authorization with City Attorney Jeff Houston; Community Development departmental matters presented by Director Pam Cherry; and Public Lands and Facilities department matters presented by Director Wayne Burns.

Jeff Woodward, Director of Public Works, will give the Public Works report and City Administrator Nick Gregory will address the licensing of the local microbrewery and also give his weekly administrative report.

City Commission meetings are open to the public to attend and the regular agendas always allow an opportunity for public input.

The McPherson City Commission meets weekly at 8:30 Monday mornings at the City Office, 400 E. Kansas Ave. in McPherson. Meeting agendas are posted Fridays prior to the Monday meetings on the city’s website at