Shannon Boyett Wins $500 All Schools Day Button Hunt

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
May 10, 2016

The button has been found! The 2016 hunt for the McPherson All Schools Day button is officially over.

Shannon Boyett of McPherson is the lucky hunter who won the $500 prize from Superior Automotive & Transmission, the sponsor of the hunt.

Boyett found the button in McPherson “at the base of a bush located immediately east of the stone building to the southwest of the McPherson Fire Station,” according to the All Schools Day Chairperson Kendra Hopp.

Lucky Kidd with the Hutchinson radio station hid the button this year and developed the daily clues with the help of Michael Yeats, owner of Mattress Haven in McPherson.

The All Schools Day Chairperson wants to thank Superior Automotive & Transmission for their support and sponsorship for the event. Hopp says the All Schools Day committee will be discussing next year's button hunt and possibilities for making the hunt a little more challenging while still avoiding the risk of property damage from enthusiastic hunters.