McPherson Releases Funds for Homeless Prevention Program

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
May 18, 2016

McPherson city commissioners this week approved the release of funds to the McPherson Housing Coalition (MHC) for the homeless prevention program in McPherson County.

The Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) helps McPherson County residents who find themselves in a bind and are temporarily unable to pay their bills. Alana Murphy is the Program Director of the MHC and explained how the grant is used in McPherson County.

“When families are in crisis or at risk of eviction or termination of utility services, they can come to us at MHC and apply [for subsidies],” Murphy explained.

Certain criteria as designated by Housing and Urban Development (HUD) must be met by McPherson residents who apply for financial assistance.  

For more information on the MHC and the ESG, Program Director Alana Murphy can be contacted by calling 620-241-7828 or by emailing [email protected]

The city commissioners on Monday released $6,878.51 to fund the grant. Those funds will ultimately be reimbursed by the state.