Wildcats' baseball season is over

By Steve Sell
May 20, 2016

SALINA — Lynn Eichelberger’s disappointment was evident.

The Moundridge baseball coach saw his team’s season end on Thursday with a rain-shortened 7-1 loss to Sacred Heart, a game he believed should never have been played or at least stopped early.

“It was a very frustrating way to end the season as we did not get to finish a full seven innings due to rain,” Eichelberger said. “The game was called in the top of the sixth by the tournament director with us down 11-1.  Since we did not get to bat in the bottom of the sixth, the score goes back to the fifth-inning score which was 7-1. I just feel bad for the seniors who finished their season sitting in the dugout watching it rain.”

The Wildcats and Knights had trouble with the conditions.

“In muddy conditions we had a tough time throwing strikes and keeping our footing,” Eichelberger said. “I tried to get the game stopped in the third inning when I could tell Kyle Stucky's plant foot was slipping on the muddy mound, but the umpires thought the conditions were playable. Before the field conditions deteriorated, Kyle was pitching well. Balls in the grass were coming out wet and made throwing a wet ball an adventure. We made a few errors that players don't normally make in normal conditions.”

Walks made a difference as the Knights received seven from Stucky and relief pitcher Chris Leddy, who worked one inning. The Wildcats had only three hits at the plate.

Moundridge finishes the year 9-9.

Inman’s game with Bennington was then postponed. The teams are playing today at 4:00, with the winner playing Sacred Heart at 6:00 for the championship.