MHS Seniors Celebrate Annual Parade

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
May 20, 2016
photo by Erica Shook

McPherson residents might have noticed a bunch of rowdy teenagers with a police escort this morning along First Street and North Main in McPherson. No worries, that was just the senior class from the McPherson High School on their annual parade route in anticipation of Saturday’s high school graduation.

It’s become a tradition for the seniors on the Friday morning before graduation to conduct a parade between the McPherson High School and downtown, and they use just about anything with wheels to do it. This year that included an old Model T Ford, one of the local fire trucks, several skateboards, motorcycles, bicycles, and golf carts.

The McPherson High School graduation begins this Saturday evening at 7:30. About 151 seniors will be graduating with the class of 2016. That’s up quite a bit from the 126 seniors who graduated last year.