FDA Approves Cancer Drug for McPherson's Kaiden Schroeder

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
June 06, 2016

Friday’s local Relay for Life fundraising event for the American Cancer Society was a resounding success that also brought a special update on Kaiden Schroeder, a McPherson youth who has been battling Leukemia since 2009.  

While emceeing the local event, Mid Kansas Radio’s general manager Joe Johnston was able to announce a special update from Gloria Schroeder on her grandson Kaiden Schroeder, who has been receiving local attention and support in his personal fight with cancer.

“We have exceptional good news to report,” Joe said, speaking live at Wall Park. “A lot of you who are listening recognize the name of Kaiden Schroeder. Grandma is Gloria Schroeder, and she happened to be receiving a text this evening during the ceremonies.”

Joe then handed the microphone over to Gloria, who was able to give an update on her grandson to those who were listening and to everyone who has provided prayers and financial support.

“I just received a text from Jenny and Chris (Kaiden’s parents) this evening while here at Relay for Life,” Gloria said. “Pfizer has released the drug for Kaiden to be able to take, but the best news is the FDA approved Kaiden to be able to take this drug.

“We’re hoping for June 10, and we are hoping in Kansas City,” Gloria continued.

“Thank you to everyone for your love and support and prayers. We feel them. Thank you, McPherson.”  

For McPherson’s annual Relay for Life event, luminary bags are sold for $10 apiece to raise money for cancer awareness and research. Those who purchase bags can decorate them in honor of someone who has battled cancer, whether it’s in memory of a loved one or in honor of a survivor.

About 1400 of these luminary bags lit up the waters at McPherson’s Wall Park last Friday night with several more spelling out “HOPE” in large letters on the southern hillside.

McPherson’s Relay for Life began at 4:30 June 3 and concluded at midnight, with 18 teams and 250 participants raising more than $50,000 for the 2016 event.

More information on fundraising amounts and participants for the McPherson County event can be found at main.acsevents.org/site/TR?fr_id=71651&pg=entry