McPherson's Mayor Tom Brown Praises Park's Preparation for Relay for Life Event

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
June 06, 2016

McPherson’s Mayor Tom Brown this morning praised the success of Friday’s Relay for Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society at the city commission’s weekly meeting, making special note of the weather that cooperated so beautifully for this year’s event.

“For those who participated, they got a rare treat,” said Mayor Brown, referring to the sunset that reflected off the waters at Wall Bicentennial Wall Park, the traditional venue for the annual event.

“Another successful Relay for Life, but a big battle all across the country,” Mayor Brown said as he continued with a reminder about the current health crisis in this country.

“Health-wise, we have two big things: cancer and diabetes. And diabetes is going through the roof.

“That leads to many other problems,” he said. “So we need to be thinking about how we can be healthier in our lifestyles, and that will help some.”

Mayor Brown went on to praise McPherson’s Park Department for their work in making Wall Park ready for the Relay for Life event.

“Given all the rain that we’ve had and everything, I think that the park department did a fantastic job of having that ready for Relay for Life: the grass was cut good [sic]; there was a minimum amount of residue at that one end and all the rest was good.

“It’s hard to keep up facilities when weather is going against you,” Mayor Brown continued. “But I thought the park department did a great job.”  

Director of Public Works Wayne Burns expressed appreciation for the mayor’s praise and assured the commissioners he would pass it along, while City Commissioner Bob Moore couldn’t help but chime in, “And no mosquitoes!”

Moore’s comment prompted an aside from the mayor, who then said he got bitten up while fishing the night before – at a public park.

“You must not have sprayed that park,” he said in jest, drawing laughter all around.

On a related note, additional spraying for mosquitoes in McPherson will take place this week city-wide. The exact days and times will be announced once they are determined.