Maple Street Construction Probably Delayed One Week

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
June 06, 2016

Public Works director Jeff Woodward at Monday’s city commission meeting had an update on the Maple Street construction in McPherson.

“Good progress was made last week,” said Woodward. “The initial trim from Kansas to the railroad tracks has been completed on Maple. They’ll go in and compact the sub-grade, do the final trim, and then they’ll be ready for rock and geogrid.

“This project will probably be delayed one week from the original time estimate of mid-June,” Woodward continued. “But we’ll know better towards the end of this week where that’ll end.”

This Maple St. construction project in McPherson includes completely replacing Maple street stretching north from Elizabeth to the railroad tracks. Portions of Elizabeth and Ash streets are closed, but Kansas Avenue remains open.