The Traffic Stop: Pedestrian Safety

By MPD Sergeant Mo Hawkinson
June 08, 2016

Pedestrians Use of Sidewalks (STO #68 & KSA 8-1537 Find it here:

Summer is upon us and more and more folks are taking advantage of the pleasant weather. This statute is to protect the safety of anyone walking or jogging.

Where a sidewalk is available it is illegal for a pedestrian to walk along and on the road. Where a sidewalk is not available, a pedestrian should walk only on the shoulder, as far as is practical from the edge of the road. Where no sidewalk or shoulder is available, a pedestrian walking along and on a road should walk as near to the outside edge as possible and only on the left side of the road, so as to face oncoming traffic.

Otherwise, pedestrians on the road should yield the right-of-way to vehicle traffic on the road. In the City of McPherson, walking or jogging in the roadway when a sidewalk is available is a non-moving violation punishable by a $30 fine and $55.50 Municipal court cost.

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