Repair Fund Set Up for McPherson's Swan Court Fountain

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
June 08, 2016
McPherson Park Department

Over $4000 is how much it’s going to cost to repair the damage to the fountain lights from last months’ vandalism at McPherson’s Lakeside Park.

According to the McPherson Park Department, the lenses in six lights in Swan Court’s fountain were damaged beyond repair so entire fixtures need to be replaced.

Each of the six lights will cost $670, plus the cost of installation. According to Director of McPherson Public Lands and Facilities Wayne Burns, this really puts a crimp in the Park Department’s budget.

“The lights that we put in [the year 2013] are id="mce_marker"00 more now than they were when we first purchased them.

“We’ve got those, then we’ve got chemicals for mosquito spray,” explained Burns. “Which do we do: mosquitoes, or lights?”

The McPherson Park Department has set up a repair fund to help offset the cost of replacing the fountain lights at Swan Court. Donations to the repair fund can be sent to the city office building at 400 E. Kansas Ave. in McPherson. Please make payments very clear that they are designated for the fountain lights repair fund.

As of this morning, $20 to $30 has been donated to the cause, and Director Burns is hopeful that more will come in.

“That’s one thing about the community of McPherson: They get behind projects like this; they support their parks,” he said. “They’re proud of their community.”

If anyone has any information on this or any other acts of vandalism in our local parks, contact the McPherson Police Department at 620-245-1200 or 245-1266.

Anonymous callers can contact McPherson County Crime Stoppers at 620-241-1122.