McPherson's Family Video Store Closed For Good

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
June 14, 2016
Ann Jolyn Johnston

It looks like the Family Video store in McPherson will not be reopening after all.

Structural concerns with the roof last month closed the video rental store on 806 E. Kansas Ave. The building has since been stabilized, but Lead Building Inspector Bill Athey says its owners have decided it’s not worth repairing.

“The building’s been stabilized and we’re waiting on engineer plans to repair,” Athey reported to the city commissioners at Monday’s morning meeting. “But I got a call late Friday that they have sold the building and it appears that it’s probably going to be demoed. The cost to repair is too high.”

A barricade is still stationed outside the building in McPherson and customers are not allowed inside. However, patrons can return rentals to the Hutchinson Store where they can also receive a free rental. Late fees will be waived.

The Family Video Store in Hutchinson is located at 900 E. 30th St. For more information, contact them at (620) 669-0567.