Kretzer wanting to see KSHSAA add girls wrestling

By Steve Sell
June 15, 2016
Kendall Shaw

Doug Kretzer has had several girls wrestle for him since becoming McPherson High coach. Some of them have even recorded victories against the boys.

But Kretzer would like to see the girls wrestle other girls. He’s been working on a proposal to the Kansas State High School Activities Association to add the sport, which would run at the same time as the boys’ season.

According to Kretzer, more than 100 girls competed with the boys last season. He noted that with many colleges adding girls wrestling (Ottawa of the KCAC is among those schools), there is an avenue for the girls once they are done with their high school competition. McPherson High graduate Addie Lanning has enjoyed considerable success at Ottawa.

There is girls-only competition once the high school season is over and several McPherson girls have competed, some with great success.

There are 14 weight classes for boys, but Kretzer said there would be 11 for girls — 95, 102, 110, 119, 128, 138, 148, 165, 185 and 215.

As for postseason, Kretzer said the state tournament would be all-inclusive — Classes 1A through 6A together and no qualifier would be needed. However if the sport grows, there are options for the postseason.

Kretzer said a plus would be that there would be little financial strain on schools in these dire times of budget restrictions. There would just be female matches along with the boys and the boys coaches would work with the girls as well.

According to Kretzer, at least 24 schools are needed for the proposal to be considered. MHS, Clearwater, Derby and Garden Plain are schools already on board, he said.