Bulldog basketball camp winners told

By Steve Sell
June 20, 2016

The McPherson College Youth Basketball Camp was conducted this past week at the Sport Center with nearly 50 kids from McPherson and around the area taking part.

“Each year when we have our camp, I feel blessed to have such great kids and so much fun,” Mac head coach and camp director Tim Swartzendruber said. “We stress fundamentals with the campers, also spending time competing in contests and playing fullcourt games.  Working with youth has always been enjoyable to me and I am thankful to have this camp each year.”

Assisting with the camp were McPherson College men’s assistant coach T.J. Eskildsen, and current players Reed Rowell, Ryan O’Hara, Kyle Bowers, Grant Barrett, Louis Parker III and Jared Whitten.

 “Our camp staff was outstanding and I appreciate their work,” Swartzendruber said.  “I felt this was as good of staff as I’ve had here.”

Below is a list of the camp winners in the various contests:


GIRLS:  1-Halle Hecox, 2-Sydney Quint, 3-Mallorie Cooper and Hattie Hecox

2 BOYS:  1-Cole Cooper, 2-Finn Bauer, 3-Grant Huxman and Ben Bocox

3 BOYS:  1-Caleb Muehler, 2-Brooks Plackemeier, 3-Sam Vogel

4 BOYS:  1-Bear Moddelmog, 2-Henry Hecox, 3-Alec Harms

5 BOYS:  1-Alex Robertson, 2-Palmer Welsh, 3-Gunnar Lewis

6 BOYS:  1-Tyler Rewerts, 2-Landon Kaufman, 3-Josh Bocox

7 BOYS:  1-Ty Schroeder, 2-Joseph Schrag, 3-Brayden Keane

8 BOYS:  1-Adam Elliott, 2-Cael Bauer, 3-Taylan Tribble


GIRLS:  1-Hattie Hecox, 2-Mallorie Cooper, 3-Hattie Hecox

2 BOYS:  1-Cole Cooper, 2-Grant Huxman, 3-Finn Bauer

3 BOYS:  1-Sam Vogel, 2-Caleb Rewerts, 3-Caden Wenderott

4 BOYS:  1-Andrew Huxman, 2-Bear Moddelmog, 3-Henry Hecox

5 BOYS:  1-Alex Robertson, 2-Logan Davis, 3-Gunnar Lewis

6 BOYS:  1-Joshua Bocox, 2-Landon Kaufman, 3-Layne Graves

7 BOYS:  1-Joseph Schrag, 2-Ty Schroeder, 3-Caiden Duerksen

8 BOYS:  1-Adam Elliott, 2-Taylan Tribble, 3-Cael Bauer


GIRLS:  1-Mallorie Cooper, 2-Sydney Quint

2 BOYS:  1-Cole Cooper, 2-Finn Bauer

3 BOYS:  1-Brooks Plackemeier, 2-Caleb Muehler

4 BOYS:  1-Andrew Huxman, 2-Bear Moddelmog

5 BOYS:  1-Alex Robertson, 2-Logan Davis

6 BOYS:  1-Landon Kaufman, 2-Dawson Gottwald

7 BOYS: 1- Caiden Duerksen, 2-Ty Schroeder

8 BOYS:  1-Adam Elliott, 2-Taylan Tribble


GIRLS:  Sydney Quint


2 BOYS:  Grant Huxman

3 BOYS:  Caleb Muehler

4 BOYS:  Andrew Huxman

5 BOYS:  Palmer Welsh

6 BOYS:  Layne Graves

7 BOYS:  Ty Schroeder

8 BOYS:  Mason Stowers


GIRLS:  Mallorie Cooper


2 BOYS:  Cole Cooper

3 BOYS:  Caden Wenderott

4 BOYS:  Bear Moddelmog

5 BOYS:  Eric Armour

6 BOYS:  Landon Kaufman

7 BOYS:  Joseph Schrag

8 BOYS:  Cael Bauer


GIRLS:  Hattie Hecox and Hallie Hecox

2 BOYS:  Ben Bocox

3 BOYS:  Sam Vogel

4 BOYS:  Layton Wiens

5 BOYS:  Kylen Bonner

6 BOYS:  Dawson Gottwald

7 BOYS:  Caiden Duerksen

8 BOYS:  Adam Elliott