BPU Still Cleaning Up Damage in McPherson from Weekend Storm

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
June 20, 2016

BPU crews will be busy this week in McPherson cleaning up damage from the most recent storm that struck over the weekend.

“Over the weekend, crews were extremely busy with the wind storm that came through in the middle of the night,” said BPU General Manager Tim Maier in his report this morning to the city commissioners.

According to Maier, the BPU 24/7 call team put in 26 hours of overtime over the weekend.

“We actually had three crews out Friday night starting about midnight,” Maier said. “Then they got done about noon Saturday, then they went back out at 4:00 Saturday.

“We broke three poles [in the storm] that we know of, and I think that took a fair amount of time in addition to the random outages that were around town.”

Maier said BPU crews will continue working over the next few days just to get things back together.