Rain Delays McPherson's Maple Street Construction Project

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
June 20, 2016

City commissioners this morning received an update on McPherson’s Maple and Elizabeth streets construction project, which looks like it will be delayed because of the recent rains.

City commissioner Larry Wiens stood in for Public Works Director Jeff Woodward to give the city commissioners this week’s report.

“The contractor started laying some asphalt on Friday,” said Wiens. “Of course, we had the big rain...

“Without the rain, we would be completed sometime mid- to late next week… not going to happen. As a matter of fact, they’re out there as we speak pumping the water off some of the asphalt that they’ve already laid.

“They’ve got some compaction issues in one little area that needs to be reworked,” Wiens explained. “And that’s what they’re going to work on this week when they get a little dry weather.”

No speculation yet as to how long the project completion date will be delayed.