Local Wheat Harvest Seeing Higher Yields for 2016

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
June 21, 2016

This year’s local wheat harvest is looking to be a good one. As farmers enter their second full week, John Woodworth with Team Marketing Alliance in Moundridge compared production from last year’s harvest to what they’ve been seeing so far in 2016.

“Much higher yields; the test weight is much better,” Woodworth said. “Protein is more of a normal year for us, which is just slightly below eleven protein.

“So still a real good harvest and still very good yields, probably an average of 55 to 60 bushels an acre on the high end,” he continued. “Even the poor fields are 35 to 40, which is pretty good.”

Farmers have had their work interrupted by recent storms, but the extreme heat and dry conditions that immediately followed have allowed them to get back in the fields fairly quickly. With the exception of one small area just south of McPherson County, the storms have not had a huge effect on production.  

“The Halstead area and some of those areas where they took a very isolated pocket of severe weather last week, some of that wheat got laid down,” Woodworth said. “But it was in a very small radius around Halstead. And that’s the only place I’ve heard of the weather actually hurting the crop. There was some corn hailed out over there and some wheat that was laid over. But again, it wasn’t a huge, huge area.”

Local harvest reports can be heard Monday through Friday at 12:30 and 5:30 on 96.7 FM KBBE until harvest is complete, which for local farmers will likely be sometime early next week.