Duane Pope Still Serving Time for 1965 Crime

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
June 25, 2016

A Roxbury native who was convicted in 1965 of robbing a bank and killing three people is being transferred from Fort Leavenworth to a prison in Nebraska, where he committed the crimes over 50 years ago.

Duane Pope grew up on a farm in Roxbury and had just graduated from McPherson College a few days before driving himself to a bank in Big Springs, Nebraska which he then robbed, subsequently shooting four people, one of whom survived and testified against him in trial.

Pope gained notoriety not only for his horrendous crime, but also because his actions did not seem to fit his character as a quiet, all-American farm boy from rural Kansas who played college football and never got into trouble. His life and what led up to his crime is depicted in a book published in 2008 by Noel Grove, “Anyone But Duane.”

Pope was originally sentenced to death, but in 1972 his sentenced was commuted to life in prison. He is scheduled to be transferred to Nebraska in July where he will continue to serve for the crimes he committed in 1965.