Outdoor Story Walk Fun and Free for the Whole Family

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
June 29, 2016

If you’re looking for a family activity to do this summer, the McPherson Public Library is offering an outdoor Story Walk as an extension to their normal summer program.

The library staff have set up a Storybook Walk in Memorial park, behind the McPherson County Courthouse, to go along with their summer reading theme, “On Your Mark, Get Set… Read!” to encourage both reading and family fitness.

“It’s an extension of the activities that we offer for people to come and be able to do throughout the summer,” explained Jennifer McCulley, Children’s and Youth Services Coordinator at the library.

For the Story Walk, McPherson library staff set up 36 posts throughout Memorial park with each one holding a page of a popular children’s book. Walking through the story page by page is not only fun for kids and adults alike, Jennifer explains that it also earns participants an entry into a prize drawing.

“This summer with our children’s programming we are offering an activity bookmark,” she said. “So for every six library programs they attend it earns them an extra entry into our prize drawings at the end of the summer, and we’re counting [the Story Walk] as one of the activities.

“So if they go and walk through and come back and let us know, that’s one program they can check off of their bookmark,” Jennifer explained.

The Story Walk blends in nicely with the theme of the library’s summer reading program, which encourages reading as an exercise for your mind.

“It’s a good excuse,” Jennifer said of the walk. “This summer’s all about sports and health and fitness and just general wellness, so promoting walking while reading a book is kind of a good bonus.

“It’s sort of for all ages,” she continued. “It’s a good family oriented activity they can all do together. Especially for the little ones who still aren’t reading yet, it’s a good excuse for mom, dad, or grandma or grandpa, to take them around and read a story to them.”

The storybook walk begins across the street from the library near the Memorial Park’s POW/MIA memorial at the intersection of W. Marlin and N. Walnut streets in McPherson.

The walk will be up for the duration of the library’s summer program and currently features the story of “The Gingerbread Man.”

For more information on the summer program at the McPherson Public Library, give them a call at 620-245-2570, or stop by the library at 214 W. Marlin, across the street from the McPherson County Courthouse.