Fire Chief Deal Commends McPherson Citizens, Vendors, CVB for Successful Holiday Weekend

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
July 05, 2016

As far as the McPherson Fire Department is concerned, the local Fourth of July festivities were a resounding success.

“We had another successful fourth of July weekend,” Fire Chief Jeff Deal reported Tuesday morning to the city commissioners. “We had no major fire incidents or injuries.

“I have to commend the community of McPherson,” he continued. “I think they do an excellent job with their fireworks. I think they’re very respectful and responsible. They complied with all the rules and regulations.

“I think cleanup went well, too,” Chief Deal added. “I drove around; there wasn’t a whole lot of trash. People, I think, took care of things.”

Chief Deal also praised the local vendors for complying with the city rules and regulations governing the sale of fireworks.

“Everybody was really cooperative and I think everybody had a really good Fourth of July weekend. The community needs to be commended and I hope everybody had a really good time.”

Excessive flooding at Wall Park forced a last-minute change of venue for the city fireworks to Grant Sports Complex on the other side of town. Joni Regnier, director of the McPherson Convention and Visitors Bureau, worked tirelessly over the weekend to get the word out about the change of location, and Chief Deal commended her for her efforts in coordinating with the McPherson Police Department to ensure safety procedures were implemented successfully throughout the process.