MHS' Ben Pyle suffers burns in accident

By Steve Sell
July 07, 2016
Cindy Kinnamon-File Photo

McPherson High basketball standout Ben Pyle is in a Wichita hospital after suffering burns during an accident at work on Wednesday.

According to reports, he was burning something in a barrel and there was an explosion, which caught his shirt and shorts on fire. Reportedly, quick thinking by co-worker Kevin Carlson kept the injuries from being any worse.

The 6-6 junior, expected to be one of the top players in Kansas this year, has a combination of second-degree and third-degree burns on his back calves and right tricep, according to a post by his mother Deedra on Facebook. It is estimated to cover 16 percent of his body.

“He's tired and dozing in and out due to meds, but other than that he's his usual ‘Ben’ self,” his mother wrote, adding that he had to shave his head.

It is hoped he’ll be able to come home from Via Christi St. Francis by the weekend.