Local Circles Seeking Allies

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
July 08, 2016

Circles of McPherson County is looking for more Allies to join the organization and partner up with Circle Leaders who will be graduating next month in the largest class to date in the local program.

Circle Allies are simply people who volunteer to be supportive, intentional friends with a Circle Leader or family enrolled in the Circles program.

A Circle Leader is someone who is living at or below the line of poverty and is committed to changing the outlook of their finances and life goals.

Allies meet regularly with their Circle Leaders to discuss goals and to be supportive of their Circle Leaders as they make plans to move forward to better their lives.

Neisha Dahlstrom is on the board of Circles of McPherson County and has also served as a Circles Ally for several years. After Thursday night’s successful poverty simulation, Dahlstrom encouraged participants to consider joining the program that ultimately helps to better our community.

“Circles, and being an Ally, and being a Circle Leader, it’s all about relationships,” Dahlstrom said. “And it’s all about how we can come together and make friends and make McPherson and McPherson County what we want it to be.”

Training for the next group of Circle Allies begins later this month. For more information on Circles and what it means to be a Circles Ally, contact them at 620-241-9011. Or visit their website at