MPD Chief McClarty Praises Community, Pleads for Prayer in Wake of Nationwide Violence

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
July 11, 2016

Mayor Tom Brown this morning called on McPherson’s Police Chief Rob McClarty during the city commission’s regular meeting to comment on the recent and ongoing events in Dallas, St. Paul, and Baton Rouge.

“The tragic events that we saw in Dallas that occurred last week … I think the ramifications were felt across our nation,” said Chief McClarty, speaking without notes to the commissioners and others in attendance at the public meeting. “Law enforcement as a whole took a blow.”

Chief McClarty continued on to praise local law enforcement and the entire McPherson community.

“You know, I think we continue to stand together. We have built…” then he paused.

“I can’t say we. Our community has built a relationship with law enforcement that I think is exceptional. I think we’ve seen that over the last week since the shootings, and far before.

“Our relationship with the community just shows continuous support. That’s huge. I think the community-based approach that we have benefits us.”

Chief McClarty said that in his over 25-year career in law enforcement, he’s observed violence against police officers escalate to a point that hasn’t been seen before.

“Less than – what do they say, one tenth of one percent of law enforcement doesn’t uphold their badge. There’s nearly one million law enforcement officers across the nation that serve their communities and their nation to the best of their ability. I don’t like the fact that some movements have painted a brush that makes law enforcement look inappropriate, or that we do inappropriate acts.”

In the wake of the tragic events in Dallas and elsewhere, Chief McClarty offered up a plea to his listeners.

“It shows our nation’s divided, and I would just ask that you pray for our nation and for our nation’s law enforcement.”

Thousands of demonstrators flooded the streets of major U.S. cities throughout the weekend, protesting the recent killings by police of two black men, Philando Castile in suburban St. Paul, Minnesota, and Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Thursday in Dallas – Micah Johnson was a former Army Reservist who killed five police officers and wounded seven others on Thursday, July 7. Johnson is said to have used the recent police-involved shooting of the two black men to carry out an attack he had been planning for some time, according to Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins. He had been experimenting with explosives and wanted to detonate bombs around the city, according to Judge Jenkins.

Minnesota --Police in St. Paul, Minnesota say the officer who had a concrete block "dropped on his head" Saturday night has broken vertebrae.

Participants in the St. Paul demonstration allegedly hurled Molotov cocktails, fireworks, rocks, glass bottles, concrete slabs, and bricks at riot gear-wearing police officers on Saturday night.

Louisiana --Protests continued Sunday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. According to police, demonstrators knocked out an officer's teeth.

Prominent Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson was released from jail after being arrested during a protest in Baton Rouge Saturday night, according to officials. After being released, Mckesson said he remains disappointed with Baton Rouge Police who he says were provoking peaceful protestors. He says the only people that were violent were the officers themselves.