McPherson Revises Zoning for Political Signs

By Anne Kirchner, McPherson CVB
July 13, 2016

McPherson – The City Commission approved Ordinance No. 3217 amending zoning regulations pertaining to the suitable placement of political campaign signs.

Effective immediately, signs may not exceed six square feet in gross surface area. Signs along the right of way must be set back at least five feet from any paved or unpaved roadway. Signs must also be set back from any corner intersection at least 20 feet to form a sight triangle in City streets and at least 20 feet in County roads when measured from each direction of the intersecting pavement or improved surfaces.

According to Pam Cherry, Community Development Director, the revised zoning ordinance was necessary to abide by mandated state regulations approved in 2015. The City will enforce the new signage zoning regulation using the current code enforcement process. Call 620.245.2535 for more information or to report a political signage placement violation.