The Traffic Stop: Turning Left

By MPD Sergeant Mo Hawkinson
July 14, 2016

Vehicle Turning Left (STO #58 and KSA 8-1527

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Loose meaning: The driver turning left MUST yield to ALL oncoming traffic.

In McPherson, this is most critical on multi-lane roads like First and Main Streets, and Kansas Avenue. Collisions frequently occur when two vehicles are waiting to make a turn while traffic in the outside lanes continues to move freely. The view of the driver turning left may be obstructed when this occurs.

Collisions in this situation are very avoidable. Just wait patiently until you can see the roadway is clear –even when you are in a hurry.

In McPherson, failing to yield while turning left is a moving violation which results in a fine of $60, plus $78 Municipal Court costs.

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