MPD Seeking Officers, Chief McClarty Addresses Community on Facebook

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
July 19, 2016

McPherson’s Police Chief Rob McClarty took to Facebook Monday and posted a three-minute message online about the recent and ongoing police shootings nationwide:

“In light of the most recent attacks on law enforcement across our nation over the last few weeks, and most recently this past weekend, where we saw a Milwaukee police officer ambushed and shot while sitting in his patrol car, multiple times, only his bullet-proof vest saving his life...

“...Or in Baton Rouge, where we saw three officers killed by gunfire and three additional wounded after an extended gun battle...

"...Our nation’s law enforcement are struggling with why they’re under attack. As I mentioned last week, nearly a million sworn law enforcement officers protect our communities flawlessly. When we identify one that has, or is, discrediting their badge by illegal acts, we remove them from office and then attempt to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

“Some people, some movements, some media, and even some politicians, have painted law enforcement in such a light that somehow they deserve this.

“This year alone, the number of officers who have died in gunfire-related incidents is up 96 percent. These types of attacks are not acceptable on law enforcement. I believe when law enforcement officers are attacked, our nation’s under attack.

“Our country was, and is founded, under the rule of law. Our communities, our neighbors, our families, are all protected and kept safe by those who wear the badge. I believe without that thin blue line, those law enforcement officers, being in the streets, standing between good and evil, that there’d be nothing but third-world anarchy without them.

“Thank God we live in a community, a community such as this, that continues to show us support and truly understands these beliefs. Please continue to show your support for law enforcement, police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and highway patrol troopers -- or anyone else who wears the badge, standing that thin blue line, protecting you.

“To quote the Louisiana governor, our officers have to hear that, ‘I believe in you, I support you, and I stand with you.’ Without this, who will want to be our sheep dogs?

“The thin blue line: sworn to protect those in our communities, and even our families, across the nation or here in McPherson. Please continue to support your law enforcement and pray for healing for our nation. Thank you.”

Chief McClarty’s message can also be viewed on the McPherson Kansas Police Department’s Facebook page. Logging in to Facebook is not necessary to view the video:

Recently, the McPherson Police Department has hired three new police officers who will be helping the department patrol sensitive local areas more diligently:

Jeffrey Schmidt is a Hutchinson resident, already Kansas Law Enforcement Training (KLET) certified, with nearly two years’ experience at the Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office. His hiring was effective July 18.

Katelyn Conn comes from Salina where she has served as a Salina Police Officer. She is also KLET certified and has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from the University of Colorado and nearly two years of law enforcement experience. Her hiring will be effective July 25.

Trea Lott is a McPherson Resident with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology of Criminal Justice from McPherson College. He is currently working for the Reno County Sheriff’s Office as a Detention Officer. He will attend KLETC later in the fall. His hiring will be effective August 22.

McPherson’s police department still has five additional openings that need to be filled. For more information, or to apply, follow the link: