Bohnenblust Shares Impressions from RNC Floor in Cleveland

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
July 22, 2016

McPherson County Republican Chairman Dave Bohnenblust represented Kansas at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week where Donald Trump was officially nominated as the party candidate.

The First Congressional District in Kansas elected Bohnenblust to serve as one of 40 state delegates to represent Kansas for the Republican Party. While there, Bohnenblust shared his perspective about the convention and contrasted it to the media’s headlines.

“The media spins things that aren’t big deals,” said Bohnenblust Wednesday evening by phone, speaking from the convention floor.

“You know, there were people disappointed with the rules. But it was just, you know, we’re talking about rules,” Bohnenblust said, the shrug in his shoulders evident in his voice.

“And then making the big deal on Trump’s wife’s speech. That’s not a big deal to anyone here.”

Bohnenblust said it’s normal to have dissent within the party, but now that Trump’s the official nominee, it’s time to get behind him.

“There’s a few of the states that are still upset, but I’d say 90 percent are on board,” said Bohnenblust.

“And that’s how it’s supposed to go,” he continued. “It starts out slow, and you voice your disagreements. And then, okay, we’ve come to the decision: He won the majority. Get behind him.”

The convention offered Bohnenblust an image of Trump that he says doesn’t completely match up to how he’s portrayed in the media.

“You know, what we’re hearing at this thing, is the media kind of likes to portray him in a certain light,” he explained. “You listen to his friends, and his kids, his workers -- even some of the politicians -- it’s a different Donald Trump.

“Now, obviously he’s got some imperfections,” Bohnenblust continued. “But so does everybody else. But he’s right -- what we’re hearing is he’s right on a lot of the issues that we’re concerned about.”

The four-day Republican National Convention finished up yesterday in Cleveland. The Democratic National Convention kicks off Monday in Philadelphia.