Street Construction Updates in McPherson

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
July 25, 2016

A portion of Avenue A in McPherson is under construction this week and local drivers should be on the lookout for changes as the project progresses.

“Avenue A will be closed today from the railroad tracks to Maxwell Street,” said Jeff Woodward, Director of Public Works, at this morning’s city commission meeting.

“We intend to reopen the roadway at the end of each day,” he continued. “The patching and reclaiming part of this project should be completed this week.

“If we get a hole open that we can’t close up before the evening, then Avenue A would be closed all night,” Woodward said. “But our intention is to have it opened up at the end of the day each day.”

Once the city’s part is complete, the county will then schedule a time to come in and overlay the same project.

Woodward also updated the city commissioners on the construction project on Ash Street, which is well on its way to completion.   

“Ash Street was closed down on Thursday, and they have approximately 75 percent of the asphalt removed at this point, so we’re making good progress.”