McPherson's BOE Accepts Revised Credit Card Policy

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
July 26, 2016

The McPherson school board last night discussed the revised purchasing card resolution and the policy that governs how teachers and administrators use their credit cards and seek reimbursement for expenses.

Superintendent Mark Crawford explained that there aren’t any real changes from the ones that were made late last year.

“Procedurally, there’s more awareness that we want principals and teachers to turn those receipts in so we can process the paperwork with not much lag time,” said Crawford. “And that’s true not just for my credit card usage but for principals and teachers. We simply want those receipts coming in and everything matching up as soon as possible.”

The credit cards now have a $1000 limit. Crawford said larger purchases are sometimes necessary, but he emphasized that those types of purchases are known in advance and planned for accordingly.

“This policy basically says per card usage in most all cases is going to be less than $500,” Crawford said. “And if it’s greater than that, then that takes special approval.”

The school board unanimously voted to accept the Revised Credit and Purchasing Card Resolution 2016-16 and does not anticipate any problems with the district’s next audit.

Changes were made in the McPherson school district’s policy and administration after last year’s resignation of former Associate Superintendent Chris Ruder, who admitted to personal charges on the district credit card that was issued in his name.

Ruder was ordered to pay the district $4,192.70 in restitution on top of the $683.92 he had already reimbursed.

Ruder’s personal charges were discovered in an investigation following a special audit over the district’s administrative use of purchasing cards.