Family Practice Associates Merges with McPherson Hospital

By Cyril Russell, McPherson Hospital
July 27, 2016

McPherson Hospital and Family Practice Associates of McPherson announce that the two entities have agreed to merge. The organizational structure of the clinic will now transition to hospital governance so that all physicians and staff will become employees of McPherson Hospital.

Officials say this is a mutual merging that will not change patient care. “Patients can anticipate the same level of service that we have always provided,” said Dr. Gregory Thomas, senior physician in the practice. “We see significant advantages to the community and physician recruitment by combining our efforts under one entity.”

“We are pleased to have Family Practice Associates join our provider base at McPherson Hospital,” commented Duane Wedel, director of physician clinics at the hospital. “Adding to an already expanding group of providers, this brings to 21 the total number of physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants at the hospital and associated clinics. This is tremendous growth, and we are pleased to be offering such comprehensive care services from a dedicated team of providers.”

The hospital is finalizing plans for a separate medical office building to be constructed on the southwest corner of the main campus. This new care space is the $5 million Phase 1 of a multi-phase facility plan, the funding of which is being secured by the McPherson Healthcare Foundation.

When completed, all the above-mentioned clinics will be housed in the new medical office building. “Ultimately, we will have the convenience of all of our physician clinics on one level in one facility,” Wedel said. “The beneficiaries of this new care facility will be the patients who will have easy access to all of our physicians in one central location.”

Rob Monical, president and CEO of McPherson Hospital said, “As a hospital, we have been working hard to expand our clinics and increase services to our patients. This is a win-win for all parties. The Family Practice Associates have been our close neighbors for years, so we are pleased to have them working with us as we strive to be our community’s first choice for health care.”

Officials indicate the transition will be effective August 1, 2016.