McPherson Launches Coffee with a Cop

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
August 01, 2016
Ann Jolyn Johnston

Monday’s Coffee with a Cop in McPherson was fairly successful for its first go around, with about 40 people coming and going at any given time during the casual two-hour meetup at The Well in downtown McPherson.

The McPherson Police Department and the McPherson County Sheriff’s Office joined together Monday morning to share coffee and conversation with the local community.

“I think it turned out really well,” said Sergeant Deputy Skyler Christians, speaking from The Well shortly before the event was scheduled to end, though the crowd showed no signs of dispersing.

“It really would have been nice to see a little bit more diversity in the age crowd, but we’re really happy with the results that we’ve had so far,” Deputy Christians said. “And the community has come to us and we’ve had a lot of support from the community through this event.”

Deputy Christians was one of the dozen or so officers with the Police Department and Sheriff’s Office combined who joined together for the local event.

“It’s great to be able to talk to people in a level where we’re not busy at work where it’s a work-related thing. Because usually in that sense, people aren’t always the happiest to see us, so it’s nice to be able to sit down and have a one-on-one conversation with the public.

“It’s been a lot of question-and-answer,” Deputy Christians continued. “There have been a few areas of concern just about what are some problems that we face the most in our community. It’s a good way to start brainstorming on the things that other people may notice that they feel are issues that we may have for this community.

“And it gives us an idea of an approach where we could look at things to change,” he added. “So where we can adapt our ways of how we keep our community safe to maybe start taking care of some of the problems that some of these local citizens have come in and told us about.”

The next Coffee with a Cop is already in the works. The McPherson Police Department is hoping to repeat the event on a monthly basis at different venues and times throughout the city of McPherson. The McPherson County Sheriff’s Office is planning on continuing the event in other towns throughout the county.