McPherson Plans Future Rebuild of Wall Park's Tennis Courts Through Fundraising Efforts

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
August 02, 2016
Mac Advantage Tennis Club

During Monday morning’s public hearing on the city budget, a question was raised addressing the disrepair of the tennis courts at McPherson’s Wall Park.

“I know there’s been some frustration about the expense of continual repair,” Fred Bohnenblust of McPherson said, addressing the city commissioners as a concerned citizen. “Until long-range things happen, is there anything in the budget for interim repairs?”

According to Mayor Tom Brown, the city has been spending $50,000 every two to three years just to fix the cracks in the Wall Park tennis courts. The city doesn’t have any short-term plans for another repair, but there is a long-term plan for rebuilding them.

“We will be probably announcing here in the next 30 to 60 days an opportunity for donations to finally rebuild that court from the way it was originally built,” Mayor Brown said. “The surface of the tennis court is floating concrete and it’s [now] subject to all of the expansion and shrinkage of the soil in this area, and that’s why the price [of rebuilding] is so high.”

The estimated cost for rebuilding the tennis courts at Wall Park is $400,000.

“Instead of putting more money in for the repair of the courts, we are going to try to have a fundraiser,” Mayor Brown said, still addressing the question raised by Bohnenblust while speaking to the public audience. “We’ve already been talking with some USDA representatives and some other things. We will try to get that court rebuilt and put back into services as quickly as possible.”

Mayor Brown further clarified that no property tax is budgeted for the $400,000 cost to rebuild the Wall Park tennis courts. The city will instead be pursuing funding through federal grants and community fundraising projects.