The Traffic Stop: Using Headphones in Vehicles

By MPD Sergeant Mo Hawkinson
August 02, 2016

Using Headphones in Vehicles — STO #103

No one may drive any vehicle on streets, alleys, or roadways in McPherson while wearing headphones, earphones, earbuds, or similar devices, which in any way interfere with the driver’s ability to hear traffic noise, warning devices, or signals. This does not include enhancement devices meant for the hearing impaired.

It is a SAFETY issue when a driver cannot hear properly and fails to yield to emergency vehicles in a timely manner. Law enforcement, fire protection, and EMS vehicles are fitted with emergency signals and sirens, which may be difficult to hear inside a well-insulated car.

The difficulty increases when a radio is on high volume and sound pumped directly into a driver’s ears certainly prevents an individual from hearing those signals and sirens.

In McPherson, use of these devices is a non-moving violation with a fine of $60 and a Municipal court cost of $78.

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