McPherson's BPU Continues Electrical Mapping

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
August 08, 2016

McPherson’s Board of Public Utilities (BPU) is again contracting with Midland GIS to conduct some electrical mapping in the McPherson area.

General BPU Manager Tim Maier updated the city commissioners at Monday’s meeting on the work starting this week that might require a Midland GIS contractor to work near some local residents’ homes.

“They should be here between six to eight weeks, so they will be here for a while,” Maier told the commissioners and listening audience. “They will actually get the secondary meters and so they will be close to the customer’s house. But they will have a piece of paper from us, signed by us, so if a person gets concerned they can definitely give us a call at the office.”

That number to call BPU is 620-245-2515. A picture of the contractor will also be available on the BPU website

The work is being done to create an aerial image map of the secondary electrical system as well as street lighting and pole attachments. The same company last year also mapped BPU’s primary electric system. These detailed maps will go toward improving BPU operations and how they serve their customers.

“One of the main reasons to do this is it allows us to better track our equipment and the exact location of it, keep track of it,” explained Maier. “Some crews don’t work on secondary all that much and so when they’re on call, eventually we’ll have this map probably in the truck.

“Plus it’s much, much easier to keep up,” Maier added. “To get new maps out, stuff like that, takes a lot more time, so it’ll be a lot better system going forward and should work better for our crews.”