Montagne Wins Republican Primary for McPherson County Sheriff

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
August 11, 2016
County Clerk Tallying Canvassed Ballots

***Update ***

Sheriff Larry Powell has announced that he is launching a write-in campaign for the November general election. 

***End Update***

Jerry Montagne is the official winner of the primary election on the Republican ballot for McPherson County Sheriff, beating out incumbent Sheriff Larry Powell by a mere 23 votes.

A total of 93* additional ballots were reviewed by the county clerk’s office since the August 2 primary election. These included the original 77 provisional ballots from polling locations along with advanced votes and advanced provisional votes that had also not been included in the tally on election night.

Of those 93 provisional ballots, 59 were deemed usable.

The remaining ballots were determined to be ineligible for one of the following reasons:

1. Party affiliation card was not submitted. (3)

2. Voter was affiliated with the Libertarian party and not eligible to vote on the Republican ballot. (8)

3. Photo ID was not provided. (5)

4. Provisional ballot was not signed. (5)

5. Person was not registered to vote. (10)

6. Voter moved within the county but did not complete party registration. (3)

Montagne will now advance to the November general election as the Republican candidate for McPherson County Sheriff. There is no contender on the Democratic ballot.

The winner of the general election will take office January 2017.

*Originally 97 was the number given of additional ballots canvassed on August 11. McPherson County Clerk Cathy Schmidt later corrected this to 93.