Back to School Safety, Hint: Don't Text and Cross the Street at the Same Time

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
August 12, 2016

Schools are starting back up this week in McPherson County and with that local residents will start to see school buses and teenage drivers back out on the roads at regular, predictable times.

The Kansas Department of Transportation and the Kansas Highway Patrol want to remind parents to talk to their children about how to stay safe as they head back to school.

Some of their safety tips include putting electronic devices down or away altogether and look up, listen, and make eye contact with drivers before crossing the street, or even the high school parking lot. Pedestrian injuries just among 16-19 year-olds increased 25 percent over the previous five years and teens now account for half of all pedestrian deaths among children 19 and under.

Distraction caused by electronic devices is a huge problem for both drivers and pedestrians. Parents need to talk to their kids and take their own advice as well and give the road their full attention and watch for school zones and kids biking and walking to school who may not be paying attention as much as they should.

A recent survey found that over half of teens say they text while crossing the street or are otherwise distracted by a mobile device. That number’s probably way up now for teens and adults who play Pokemon Go!  

More information and videos to watch about kids and safety can be found

McPherson public schools start up this Wednesday, August 17. Lindsborg and Inman schools start Thursday the 18th. Canton-Galva schools start next week August 24, and Moundridge doesn’t begin until September 1.