Montagne Wins Primary for McPherson County Sheriff; Powell Announces Write-In Campaign for General Election in November

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
August 14, 2016

Jerry Montagne is the official winner of the primary election on the Republican ballot for McPherson County Sheriff. This local primary race was the closest in McPherson County history and ultimately relied on the canvassing of provisional ballots before an official winner could be announced.

Montagne edged out incumbent Sheriff Larry Powell by just 23 votes. After Thursday’s announcement of the final results, Montagne had a few words to say to his listening audience:

“I am very excited. I want to thank all the voters and the public that came out and voted. Me and my wife, she helped me campaign, we had an amazing adventure and meeting people in this county and seeing parts of the county I never knew is fantastic.

“We have a great county and I just want to continue the great tradition and hopefully be the top law enforcement officer in the county.”

Montagne will now advance to the November general election as the Republican candidate for McPherson County Sheriff.

It was also announced Thursday that current Sheriff Larry Powell is launching a write-in campaign for the general election in November. There is no contender on the Democratic ballot.

The winner of the general election on November 8 will take or resume office in January of 2017.

The deadline to register to vote in November’s general election is October 18. To find out how to register, visit

or call the McPherson County Clerk at 620-241-3656.