MHS coaches pleased with first week

By Steve Sell
August 22, 2016

Week 1 of the McPherson High fall sports season is in the books.

Here are thoughts from McPherson High’s fall sports coaches (football is featured in the Sell on Sports column).

• From MHS boys soccer coach Chris Adrian:

“I thought the first week went really well,” he said. “The new players are blending in nicely with the returners, which is creating a fun-and-competitive environment in practice. Friday we were able to get a little scrimmage completed before the storm rolled in and offensively we looked really strong. We've got a lot to get done this next week in terms of understanding roles and how we want to defend as a team, but overall I feel we are farther along after Week 1 than we have been in past seasons, which is good because we start this season with two of our toughest games.”

 • From MHS volleyball coach Christy Doile:

“Wow, it goes fast,” Doile said. “Kenzie Goering is putting up some nice blocks. She has really improved her transition off the net and the quickness in her arm swing. Mandi Cooks has got up pretty far above the net and has just smashed a couple balls.  On the opposite side all you see is his her body over the net. The competition for spots is at an all-time high. We are not ready yet and I'm very thankful for every practice we have before Saturday (when the team competes in the AVCTL preseason meet at Hutchinson).”

• From MHS cross country coach Aspen Frey:

“First week went well,” she said. “We had morning practices due to the heat. We did the best work we could with the time we had before school in the mornings. We still have a couple weeks until Concordia, so we have some time yet to keep grinding away. Our returning varsity has stepped up nicely into the leadership roles. I’m looking forward to what Week 2 brings for us.” 

• From MHS girls tennis coach Tyler Brown:

"Things went good the first week," he said. "We have some tough decisions trying to figure out who will go to Hesston on Thursday. The middle group of our girls of our team are all pretty equal."