McPherson Fire Department MDA Campaign Raises Over $4000

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
August 22, 2016

For over 60 years, firefighters all over the country have taken to the streets and store fronts to raise money to help fight Muscular Dystrophy during the annual Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) “Fill the Boots” campaign.

“Yet again another very successful fundraiser for MDA on Saturday,” said McPherson Fire Department’s Chief Jeff Deal this morning in his update on the local fire fighters’ contribution to the national campaign.

“Final tallies are not in, but we’re well over $4,000.”

Chief Deal praised the McPherson community for all of their support as he addressed city commissioners and the public audience during Monday morning’s weekly city meeting.

“For the size of community that we are and for the size of department that we are, we have probably, per capita, one of the most successful campaigns in the state, and we’re very, very proud of that.

“Most specifically, we’re proud of the citizens of McPherson,” Chief Deal continued. “They are extremely generous and are extremely supportive.”

Then he added, on a less serious note, “And I do appreciate the citizens not running over any of my guys at Main and Kansas. We’re always safety conscious, but that’s always sometimes a little tenuous out there so I appreciate you guys keeping an eye out for them as well.”

Muscular Dystrophy is a genetic disorder that weakens the muscles that help the body move. There are several different types of muscular dystrophy, and mostly boys are affected. Although some types of the disease affect girls as well.

“For those of you who don’t know, or haven’t had any contact, muscular dystrophy is just a horrific disease,” Chief Deal said. He then went on to tell his public audience about a local McPherson resident who suffers from the disease and has been informally sponsored by the McPherson fire department.

“There’s a young lady that we kind of sponsor,” he said. “She’s a local McPherson citizen. She’s been with the disease for quite some time, an absolutely wonderful young lady.” Chief Deal paused to gather his emotions.

“She’s going to college down in Wichita right now, which I totally… She’s absolutely outstanding. She’s dedicated to living her life as full as she can, but every year it just gets worse and worse and it’s getting harder and harder.

“For those of us who are physically fit and who are capable and who get up every morning and live the lives that we get to live and get to do the things we get to do… to see somebody like that, so young in her life, just continue to deteriorate. It’s just heartbreaking.”

Chief Deal concluded by again thanking the local community, “The fire service and all of us fire fighters, we appreciate all of your commitment to doing everything we can to hopefully bring an end to this horrific disease.

“Thank you, McPherson, for all your support. We really appreciate it.”

For more information on the MDA’s Fill the Boot campaign, visit the Muscular Dystrophy’s website at