August 26 Proclaimed Dr. Hughes Day, Public Invited to Attend Reception at McPherson Hospital

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
August 25, 2016

McPherson Hospital is hosting a Come & Go Reception Friday afternoon from 1:00 to 3:00 to honor and celebrate with Dr. Tyler Hughes as he prepares to transition to his position as Director of Medical Education at the KU School of Medicine in Salina. The public is invited to attend.

Dr. Hughes has been serving as a surgeon in the McPherson Community for over 20 years and has received many awards and accolades during his career, including an election in 2012 to serve a six-year term as a director-at-large on the American Board of Surgery.

McPherson Mayor Tom Brown earlier this week issued a Proclamation of Appreciation for Dr. Hughes at the city commission meeting, which can be read in its entirety below.

Following the official announcement, Mayor Brown offered some additional remarks that were a little more informal in nature when he shared a personal anecdote involving Dr. Hughes in the aftermath of a routine medical procedure.

“I hope I had my last colonoscopy from Dr. Hughes,” Mayor Brown deadpanned, drawing chuckles from his public audience. “And when I had just come out of the anesthesia, he was standing over me, and he said, ‘You’re a lot cleaner than I expected for a politician.’”

Those present laughed in appreciation, but the Mayor wasn’t finished.

“And I said, ‘The reason why, is I’m not a politician.” The rest of his remarks were almost inaudible over the continuing laughter of his public audience. “I’m an elected official and I’m doing my best to try to do things, and if you check a politician he’ll probably look worse.’”

Proclamation of Appreciation for Dr. Tyler G. Hughes, MD, FACS:

“On the occasion of McPherson Hospital’s open house recognizing Dr. Tyler Hughes’ full-time practice of surgery and his impact as a surgeon touching thousands of patients and their families, by prolonging and saving lives;

With great appreciation for your dedication to preserving the health and welfare of McPherson Area Citizens [since April 16, 1995];

Whereas, Dr. Tyler G. Hughes, a professor at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, working primarily with medical students, was nominated in 2009 for the University’s highest faculty award, The Rainbow Award, and in 2010 he received the KU Medical School’s first Outstanding Preceptor Award;

Whereas, Dr. Tyler G. Hughes in 2011 served as co-director of the rural surgical skills course held at Northwestern University as part of the ACS [American College of Surgeons] Rural Surgery Symposium;

Whereas, Dr. Hughes served on the Board of Governors of the ACS from 2009-2015 and was elected to a six-year term as a director for the American Board of Surgery and has published many professional articles and international lectures;

Now therefore, I, Thomas A. Brown, Mayor of the City of McPherson, do hereby proclaim to the world, as well as the entire McPherson Community Friday, August 26, 2016 as a Day of Celebration and Recognition for long-term commitment and dedication shown by Dr. Hughes to the Citizens of McPherson.”