MHS harriers 2nd, 5th in opener

By Steve Sell
September 02, 2016

CONCORDIA — It was an excellent start to the season for McPherson High’s boys cross country team, as it took second place and had a pair of Top 10 finishers.

Tyler Timson placed fifth and Chris Kirchner was 10th. The girls were fifth as a team, led by Mary Ann Wurm, as she was 20th.

“Today was cooler than it has ever been at Concordia,” MHS coach Aspen Frey said. “We had a lot of times on our men's side that improved from this meet last year. They set a goal and went after it today. The team was told not to overdue it on this first meet and push their limit towards injury, since this is one of the toughest courses we will see this season and it's our first one. Some let the heat and hills get to them — in which they backed off, focused on our goals for this meet (working the hills) and were smart not to overdue it. Overall I'm really proud of how the team did today and excited to see what Hesston will bring next week.”



•  Mary Ann Wurm 24:58 (20th varsity)

•  Maggie Leaf 25:01 (22nd varsity)

•  Katie Bahr 25:22 (26th varsity)

•  Hannah Dossett 26:12 (35th varsity)

•  Hannah Hageman 26:28 (38th varsity)

•  Katelyn Beam 26:44 (41st varsity)

•  Naomi Knudsen 29:13 (50th varsity)

•  Corinne Henry 31:04 (5th JV)

• BOYS •

•  Tyler Timson 18:54 (5th varsity)

•  Chris Kirchner 19:22 (10th varsity)

•  Paxton Leaf 19:45 (13th varsity)

•  Isaiah Moyer 20:19 (19th varsity)

•  Isac Moreno 21:05 (31st varsity)

•  Cole Hansen 21:11 (33rd varsity)

•  Simon Steinert 21:30 (4th JV)

•  Seth Morgan 21:45 (5th JV)

• EJ Kretzer 22:34 (10th JV)

•  Wyatt Hedlund 23:04 (57th varsity)

•  Riley Shelton 24:19 (62nd JV)

•  Graedon Green 24:29 (65th JV)

• Zach Wash 24:57 (69th JV)

•  Kyler Chapman 25:19 (75th JV)

•  Zach LeBlanc 27:30 (84th JV)

•  Brendan Hoke 29:11 (86th JV)

•  Ethan Pickerell 29:40 (87th JV)