The Traffic Stop: Lamps & Flags on Projected Loads

By MPD Sergeant Mo Hawkinson
September 06, 2016

Lamps & Flags on Projected Loads; (STO #156 & KSA 8-1715…find exact wording at these

When carrying a load on your vehicle, which extends more than six inches beyond its sides or more than four feet beyond its rear, the driver must be sure to display a red flag larger than 12”.

This applies to any load and includes ladders, tree limbs, furniture, etc. The flag alerts approaching drivers so they can avoid damage to their vehicle or worse, a crash.

From sunset to sunrise or when light is insufficient because of fog or precipitation, and anytime your wipers are on, a red lamp must be illuminated on the load instead. In McPherson, failure to use a flag or lamp on a projected load is a non-moving violation, punishable by a $30 fine and a $55.50 Municipal Court Cost.

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