Bahr MHS' top finisher at Hesston

By Steve Sell
September 09, 2016

HESSTON — McPherson High’s cross country team competed Thursday in the Hesston Invitational, with Katie Bahr leading the way with the lone Top 10 finish, though other Bullpups were close in their respective divisions.

Bahr was ninth in the sophomore girls division.

MHS’ girls were ninth in the team standings and the boys took 11th in the large field.

“Hesston was a wet, muddy mess, but an overall nice race for our boys and girls teams,” MHS coach Aspen Frey said. “Both came out with some good places and medals. The rain and mud made it hard to pull out some PRs today. However, overall I'm proud of the kids and the work they accomplished today.”

• Freshman Boys •

Riley Shelton, 24:04.7 (31st)

Zach Wash, 24:27.1 (35th)

Dalton Wilson, 25:30.5 (40th)

Ethan Pickerell, 27:47.0 (47th)

Brett Eilts, 28.05.5 (48th)

• Sophomore Girls •

Katie Bahr, 23:48.8 (9th)

Mary Ann Wurm, 24.14.2 (12th)

Maggie Leaf, 24.54.4 (18th)

Katelyn Beam, 25:11.4 (21st)

Hannah Hagemen, 26.01.2 (23rd)

Hannah Dossett, 26.08.0 (24th)

Brooke Miller, 27.01.5 (27th)

Naomi Knudsen, 27.15.6 (28th)

• Sophomore Boys •

Isaiah Moyer, 19.56.4 (20th)

Simon Steinert, 21:32.8 (34th)

Seth Morgan, 21:45.0 (37th)

Kyler Chapman, 24:48.5 (60th)

EJ Kretzer, 25:12.5 (61st)

Graedon Green, 25:24.7 (65th)

Zach LeBlanc, 25-30.5 (69th)

Brendan Hoke, 27:52.6 (80th)

• Junior Boys •

Tyler Timson, 19:06.0 (11th)

• Senior Boys• 

Chris Kirchner, 19:13.1 (13th)

Isac Moreno, 20:22.8 (25th)

Paxton Leaf, 20.25.3 (26th)