MMS netters blaze to 19-1 rout

By Steve Sell
September 20, 2016

SALINA — Undefeated and unchallenged.

McPherson Middle School’s girls tennis team continued to overwhelm its competition on Monday with a 19-1 rout of Salina South.

The only loss was due to a Bullpup having to retire because of heat on the blistering hot day.

“The girls came into the dual focused, wanting the team win,” MMS coach Ricardo Sanchez said. “The heat made it difficult to focus, as I found myself telling many of the girls on changeovers that I needed to see more energy while they played. Our only loss was from Carley (Malm) needing to stop her singles match because of the heat, which I am glad she did. Everyone battled hard and I am excited for the rest of the season.”

The Bullpups are competing today in the Maize South Invitational. Here was the team order:

• Singles •

No. 1 CeAnna Allen

No. 2 Patty Huerta

No. 3 Carley Malm (retired from match at 2-3 because of heat)

No. 4 Sydney Achilles

No. 5 Maddie Dobson

No. 6 Jacie Myers

No. 7 Perrin Schneider

No. 8 Taylor Berger

No. 9 Amethyst Hale

No. 10 Taylor Buehrle

No. 11 Lakynn Lippelmann

No. 12 Grace Witte

No. 13 Emma Wilson

• Doubles •

No. 1 Patty Huerta/CeAnna Allen

No. 2 Sydney Achilles/Carley Malm

No. 3 Maddie Dobson/Jacie Myers

No. 4 Perrin Schneider/Amethyst Hale

No. 5 Taylor Berger/Taylor Buehrle

No. 6 Taylor Buehrle/Emma WIlson

No. 7 Lakynn Lippelmann/Grace Witte