The Traffic Stop: Speeding

By MPD Sergeant Mo Hawkinson
September 21, 2016

Speeding; (STO #33, McPherson City Ordinances 58-93 & 82-61, & KSA 8-1558…find exact wording at these links:

Beginning September 23rd and through September 25th, law enforcement agencies across Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma will provide additional patrol around city streets, county roads, and highways to stop what has become an epidemic over the past few years: increased speeding on our streets, county roads, and highways.

As speed increases, the severity of crashes also increase, resulting in needless deaths and serious injuries. The Kansas Driving Handbook says the following about speed: “[In Kansas} you must never drive at a speed greater than is reasonable & prudent under the conditions. Consider road, weather, and your vehicle condition. What may be reasonable at one time [of day or year] may not be reasonable at another time…

Where no special hazard exists & unless otherwise posted, maximum speed limits are as follows: in any business district, 20 mph; in any residential area, 30 mph; on any separated/multi-lane highway, 70 mph; on any county or township highway, 55 mph; & on all other highways, 65 mph… Where a minimum speed is not posted, it is also unlawful to drive so slowly as to impede/block traffic flow.”

In McPherson, the speed limit in any public/parochial school zone is 20 mph and in City parks & public grounds, it is also 20 mph.

The MINIMUM fine for speeding in the City, which is a moving violation, is $30 plus $75 Municipal Court Cost. 

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