2016 Scholarship Recipients for the Evaline Hess Health Education and Scholarship Trust

By Cyril Russell, McPherson Hospital
September 23, 2016

The Evaline Hess Health Education and Scholarship Trust has awarded 23 scholarships to local students who are pursuing education in the health care industry. Each year, a local trustee board selects from a pool of both new applicants and previous candidates and recipients. The trustees share control of the trust with the McPherson Hospital Board of Trustees and the McPherson Hospital Volunteers in McPherson.

George and Evaline Hess had an interest in advancing health education. The original trust set forth by Evaline Hess has been awarding scholarships since 1980. At the time the scholarship was created, Evaline said “George and I know what it is like to struggle and work hard. We know also that real wealth comes only with good health and knowledge. George and I care about people and when one cares, one shares, doesn’t one?”

The Hess’s generosity has been helping generations of students achieve their educational goals. To date, over 300 scholarships have been awarded since 1980.

There are three major categories in which the trust provides financial awards for recipients: initial       entry into health care, career advancement in health care, or update of technical training.      

The recipients are as follows:

Magan Alexander 

Anna Bahr

Alisa Becker

McKenzie Becker  

Katie Benson 

Makenzie Benson  

Michelle Carrillo  

Ryan Eilts  

Shelby Gudenkauf 

Olivia Hansen  

Allison Ivers

Nathan Kasting 

Price Kramer

Sarah Kroeker

Lindsay McGraw 

Doralynn Mellinger 

Raquel Otero

Joel Piper 

Josh Piper  

Ashtyn Schieferecke  

Kyle Stucky 

Andrea Voth  

Andrew Zeitlow